Overflowing septic system


Septic System or Cesspool Leaks

There are hundreds of thousands of septic systems and cesspools in communities that drain to the Sound, and they’re a common source of fecal bacteria and nitrogen pollution. People who purchase homes with these seemingly simple privately-owned wastewater systems are rarely trained in how to properly maintain them. Compounding the problem, few towns provide any oversight. As a result, improperly maintained septic systems and cesspools leach pollutants into the groundwater and/or flood in the rain, delivering raw or partially treated sewage and excess nitrogen to our coastlines or into our drinking water.

Bacteria in sewage is harmful to people and shellfish, leading to beach and shellfish bed closures. Untreated sewage is also high in nitrogen which fuels algae blooms and low oxygen conditions, both of which are harmful to marine life.

What can you do?

  Report Pollution

See something? Take a picture or video and say something!

  Inspect Your Sewer Lines / Septic

Homeowners are responsible for any leaks on their property.

  Upgrade to Low Pollution Septic System

How long has your septic been in the ground? Time for an upgrade!

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