Septic system opening being inspected


Homeowners are responsible for any leaks on their property.

If your property is hooked up to a municipal sewage system, be sure that the line that connects your home or business to the town line is free of cracks. If you need to have a plumber cut roots out of your sewer line, then it has cracks that can allow rainwater and groundwater in, and raw sewage out. New technology available to homeowners can repair cracked lines without digging up your property—“trenchless pipe liners” can be installed from inside the pipe—saving you money and protecting the environment..

If you have your own septic system or cesspool, set up a service contract for your system and commit to a regular schedule of maintenance with an annual inspection and pump out once every 3 years. Regular maintenance ensure that your wastewater is fully treated on your property and not contributing to water pollution in your community.

Consider upgrading or modifying your system to one that also captures nitrogen.

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