Water Monitoring

Since 2013, Save the Sound has run a seasonal water quality monitoring program to measure bacteria levels at beaches, shorelines, streams, and rivers in western Long Island Sound. We now have 60+ monitoring sites in Westchester County and Little Neck Bay, NY, and in Greenwich, CT. The data we collect helps us to identify and eliminate sources of fecal contamination, drive investment in wastewater infrastructure repairs, and engage local residents and their elected officials in combating this persistent and hazardous form of water pollution.

Peter Linderoth and Elena Colon collecting samples at Beaver Swamp Brook in Westchester County, NY

Collection of water samples is conducted by a corps of trained citizen volunteers. Save the Sound staff and these citizen scientists visit each monitoring site once a week from mid-June through Labor Day. Save the Sound then processes those samples in our lab and publishes the results on this website and a variety of public forums.

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