Marsh wetland


Wetland Depletion

Humans love being near the water… wildlife does too. Our coastal marshes and wetlands filter and clean water entering the Sound from rivers, streams and creek and naturally stem the impact of storms, reducing coastal erosion. Marshes and wetlands are also highly productive habitats that host numerous plants, insects, birds, mammals, and amphibians uniquely adapted to flourish in these environments.

The constant threat of human destruction of these environments is daunting. As coastal communities become denser with more homes and developments built on the waterfront, marshes and wetlands get filled in to create lawns or easier access to the water, and the natural soft shorelines that absorb wave impacts are replaced with hard structures like seawalls. In a natural ecosystem, inundation of coastal marshes—as from sea level rise—would be countered by the marsh moving inland, but our development prevents that. High nitrogen levels in the water is also degrading our coastal marsh, causing widespread die-back. We must become vigilant in halting the destruction of these critical resources that protect our homes from flooding and provide irreplaceable habitat for wildlife.

What can you do?

  Protect, Preserve, and Restore Living Shorelines

Living shores are our natural buffers protecting us from rising sea levels and storm damage.

  Hands-On Restoration

Get your hands dirty. Help us restore what has been lost.

  Fight Against Over Development

Defend our coastlines by engaging in local development efforts.

  Contact Your Reps

Reach out to your representatives about issues important to you.

  Join the Movement

Sign up for action alerts and stay connected to our campaigns.

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