Young girl picking up trash on the beach


Whenever you are out you can make a difference.

When you’re out at the beach and see trash, pick it up! Sounds simple, but a lot of people just walk by trash they see on their beach without a second thought…be an active part of the solution instead.

See an area that needs a bigger cleanup? Organize one yourself! Before you start an organized cleanup, contact your local authorities to get permission, find out what is allowable in your community, and to arrange for trash removal afterwards if needed.

Animal waste on beaches can be raked up and disposed of at a landfill before it contaminates the water. There are a host of decoys and other physical deterrent products that can be placed on beaches to discourage waterfowl from setting up camp in recreation areas. Several communities on the Sound are having success with services that bring trained dogs to beaches throughout the swimming season to chase off geese and discourage them from returning.

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